Australian Skills Share - Journey out of Covid


There are currently 3.5million Australians receiving the Job Keeper subsidy, and 1.3 Million receiving Job Seeker. Within those 4.8 Million Australians currently displaced, we have a lot of individuals who are highly skilled and educated outside of their occupation.

For example, the below indicates different occupations that if given the Platform, could connect with each other. And either use their primary skills, or secondary skills to generate some kind of economic benefit. Create some kind of product, or service, or collaborative opportunity.

This idea is also more like a Pilot concept, as the real benefits could be realised depending on the state of the economy by the end of the year. But matching people based on Skills is something new that would need to be fleshed out.

I've attached an Idea Proposal that goes into further details.

Board response

Hi Scott

Thanks for posting your suggestion – it is very much appreciated.

The Board of Taxation has begun to turn our attention to how best we can support the Government achieve economic recovery in a post-Covid-19 world. We are looking at measures that would drive growth, increase productivity and reduce red tape. We will take your idea into consideration when looking at our future work plan.

Thanks again for your input.