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  • FBT and Cars - Logbook applies to a car (not employee)

    I can not understand why a logbook is assigned to a car, rather than to an employee. Eg Salesperson uses car for 6mths 90% business, then admin person uses same car for 6mths at 10% business. Why do we not simply address the provision of each benefit to each employee based on the actual %? By having to apportion/average the % it is unfair to the salesperson/inappropriate for admin person. Then it gets more crazy, as the salesperson/admin does not mind as there will be no RFBT as it is now shared/pooled car. In contrast if they drove it the whole year, there would be RBFT. There is great opportunity to rort the system - i.e. share the car for one day in the FBT year and then no RFBT? (this affects Centrelink, CSA etc etc). Both these issues should be addressed - i.e. FBT should be calculated on benefits provided to the employee.

  • PAYG income instalments - sending to ATO 

    For payg income instalments, if these are varied and/or it is applicable to choose Option 1 or 2 (due to new income assessment year), the original has to be signed and sent to the ATO by the due date for lodgement . My question is, why in this world of technically and online portals - that this form cannot be digitally signed and uploaded via a link in the business portal to the ATO. Why do we still need to post anything to the ATO??? It just contradicts other online services and I feel we are going back into the dark ages having to sign forms manually and rely on Australia Post .Is there possibly something in the pipeline for the future to address this flaw in the system? Thank you . 

  • Extending BAS / payg income instalment deadlines QE March 

    I was wondering if it has ever been put to the table to extend the deadline of BAS & payg income instalments for QE March activity statements of BAS & payg income instalments. Why do I ask? Because for QE December there is an extension of one month offered due to the Christmas / New Year period and loss of working days. So why can't a pro-rata extension be offered for QE March of at least a week, bringing due date to 7th of May in lieu of 29th April. With everything falling due in April (if you do not have an agent lodging your BAS), it can bring a lot of stress to the small to medium business owner to complete the work and lodge on time due to time lost from Easter and Anzac day. Thank you for listening :)

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