Sounding Board +

Welcome to our new Sounding Board

We have streamlined the Sounding Board and made it easier for you to contribute ideas for tax system improvement.

At each of its regular meetings, the Board of Taxation considers all new additions to Sounding Board. Although it is not always possible to respond on Sounding Board with the steps the Board is taking in relation to every suggestion, all ideas are actively considered in relation to the Board’s current and future work.

I note that matters raised on the sounding board that have led to substantive work and changes include:

  • The FBT compliance review
  • Enacted measures related to excess super contributions.

We encourage you to join the conversation.

- Rosheen Garnon, Chair

Learn more about Sounding Board and how to contribute.

Latest Sounding Board Ideas

Date Idea title Topic
07/01/21 Tax Obligations of a Single Parent as a Temporary Resident Can government fix it: policy improvements
24/09/20 Indirect Value Shifting Provisions - Consequential Amendment Sweating the small stuff: typos and slip ups
07/07/20 Minor assets write off Can government fix it: policy improvements
21/06/20 Australian Skills Share - Journey out of Covid Can government fix it: policy improvements
10/06/20 Job Keeper Tell it to the Tax Office: Administrative fixes