Invitation to submit ideas to improve tax regulation

The Chair of the Board of Taxation, Mr Michael Andrew AO, today launched ‘Sounding Board: Ideas for better tax regulation’ to consider ideas for tax system improvement.

Sounding Board is an innovative, online collaboration platform that allows users to submit, discuss and vote on ideas to improve the tax system,” Mr Andrew said.

“Our aim is to reduce red-tape and deliver a tax system with greater transparency and efficiency, to create a stronger economy.

“Stakeholders with day-to-day experience in navigating the system are encouraged to submit ideas on how to improve the tax system, and provide feedback on options.”

A key benefit of the platform is that the ideas will be prioritised by the community. The Government will then work with the Board of Taxation, Treasury and the Australian Tax Office to implement the best ideas, creating regular and vital tax system renewal.

“The Board of Taxation looks forward to providing the Australian Government with recommendations for tax system improvement that best meet Australia’s needs,” Mr Andrew said.

Hosted by the Board of Taxation, Sounding Board is open to all tax bodies, tax professionals, businesses or members of the public who wish to provide their view on changes to the tax regulation system.

The Board of Taxation is confident the collaboration platform will make a significant contribution to the continual improvement of Australia’s tax system.

“We’re looking for ideas that will cut red-tape and reduce compliance burdens, such as removing unnecessary sections of tax forms and simplifying certain parts of the tax law, rather than any big picture policy proposals like altering tax rates,” noted Mr Andrew.

Minister for Small Business and Assistant Treasurer Kelly O’Dwyer welcomed the launch of the Sounding Board.

“This initiative will assist with the Turnbull Government’s commitment to reducing the regulatory burden on doing business in Australia and creating the right economic conditions for businesses to thrive,” Minister O’Dwyer said.

“The Government has made a number of changes to streamline Australia’s taxation system and will continue to look at ways to improve the system.

“The Board of Taxation will provide the Government with a regulatory reform priority list to consider, which will be drafted from the ideas, feedback and suggestions received from stakeholders using the Sounding Board.

The Board of Taxation is a non-statutory advisory body responsible for contributing a business and broader community perspective to improving the design of taxation laws and their operation.

Those wishing to submit an idea are encouraged to visit