Advisory panel


The role of the Advisory Panel to the Board has been to draw together some of Australia’s leading taxation professionals who agreed to voluntarily contribute their knowledge and expertise in assisting the Board with its work. The Advisory Panel has assisted the Board in carrying out its activities, including by contributing to the Board’s work, advising on the quality and effectiveness of tax legislation and recommending improvements to support the general integrity and functioning of the tax system. The Advisory Panel can provide an important additional source of advice to the Board with representatives from business, professional and other community representative organisations.

The Advisory Panel was introduced in 2002. The original purpose of the Advisory Panel was for the panel to be a ready source of high-level expert advice on which the Board could quickly draw upon during the course of considering taxation issues and to bring matters to the Board’s attention that they thought the Board should be considering.

The Advisory Panel to the Board has been in operation for many years, with little to no change to its structure. A detailed review of the Advisory Panel found that while the current panel membership is extensive, it no longer provides an optimal mix of expertise for the Board’s current needs. Additionally, the Advisory Panel’s involvement in recent work of the Board and interaction with the Board has been extremely limited.

Following that review, the Board has decided to dissolve the current Advisory Panel.

Once the Board’s forward work program has been agreed with the Treasurer, the Board will then consider how best to resource our work, including how we access appropriate expertise and input from the private sector and the broader community.

We greatly appreciate panel members participation and involvement in the Advisory Panel over the many years since its introduction and thank those involved for their valuable contribution.

Page updated 29 June 2023