Board of Taxation Advisory Panel

The Chairman of the Board of Taxation Mr Dick Warburton today announced that the Board has established a high level advisory panel to assist it in the general performance of its role. The Panel draws together 22 of Australia’s leading taxation professionals who have agreed voluntarily to contribute their knowledge and expertise in assisting the Board with its work.

Mr Warburton advised that the Panel would provide a standing, ready source of high level expert advice on which the Board quickly could draw in the course of considering all manner of taxation issues likely to come before it. As such, the Panel will provide a very important additional source of advice to the Board to that provided by the business, professional and other community representative organisations with whom the Board has developed close working relations.

The Panel will also assist the Board of Taxation in maintaining on-going effective links into the community for the purpose of understanding taxpayer concerns and priorities. As with the public more generally, panel members have been encouraged individually or collectively to alert the Board to issues they think it should be considering.

Mr Warburton thanked the panel members for agreeing to take on the role. “I think it is extremely important to the effective functioning of the Board, and the betterment of Australia’s tax system generally, that the Board has an instant access to the sort of advice a panel of this nature can provide,” Mr Warburton said.

The Panel will operate on an ad hoc and strictly informal basis, designed to facilitate open and frank exchanges of views. Membership may vary from time to time and will be reviewed at least annually, Mr Warburton said.

Mr Warburton emphasised that the Board of Taxation would continue with its current practice of hiring consultants to undertake specific research and other tasks for it. The assignment of such commercially remunerated work is subject to Commonwealth Government tendering guidelines. It is therefore possible that persons serving on the Panel could also be employed as consultants to the Board were they to qualify under those guidelines, but such opportunities would not be restricted to Panel members.

The list of panel members is attached.

Panel Member Position, Organisation
Ms Sarah Bernhardt Tax Partner, Allens Arthur Robinson
Ms Narelle Butler Chartered Accountant, Barrister
Mr Alf Capito Partner, Ernst & Young Australia
Mr Michael Clough Partner, Mallesons Stephen Jaques
Mr Gordon Cooper Director, Greenwoods & Freehills
Mr Ian Farmer Partner Tax Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Mr John Gonsalves National Tax Director, Ernst & Young Australia
Mr Michael Hay Partner, Pitcher Partners
Mr Paul Hooper Senior Tax Manager, Lend Lease
Mr Larry Magid Partner, Allens Arthur Robinson
Dr Jeff Mann AM Partner, Mallesons Stephen Jaques
Ms Louise McBride Partner, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Ms Ann O’Connell Special Counsel, Allens Arthur Robinson
Mr Robert Oser Sole Practitioner, Chartered Accountant
Mr Brian Richards Partner, BDO Kendalls
Dr Tony Rumble Chief Executive Officer, SavingsFactory Ltd
Mr Ken Spence Partner, Shaddick & Spence
Mr David Stevens Partner, Tax Strategy & Policy, KPMG
Mr David Temby Partner, Mallesons Stephen Jaques Solicitors
Mr Robert Upfold Executive Director, Macquarie Bank Limited
Professor Richard Vann Challis Professor of Law, University of Sydney
Associate Professor Neil Warren Associate Director (Research), Australian Taxation Studies Program (ATAX)