Job Keeper


I wasn't sure where to raise this issue but I think there is a big flaw in job keeper payment and that is that it is being paid to children still in high school doing their HSC who live at home with mum and dad and may typically work only a couple of shifts a week. I know an example of one girl who works 3 hours a week in a coffee shop and is now getting $750 per week because she is over 18. I think to alleviate the problem full time high school students should not be eligible even if they're 18. I do not think that job keeper should be extended to high school students with a casual job. I think this is a loop hole in system and a lot of 18 year olds are getting quite the windfall.

Board response

Hi Penny

Thank you for sharing your concerns.

The Board has passed your suggestion on to the Treasury for their information and appropriate action.

Further information on the JobKeeper Program (including eligibility requirements) is available at:

Thanks again for your contribution.