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Review of Small Business Tax Concessions


The Board of Taxation is conducting a review of Australia’s small business tax concessions. The Board’s review will involve assessing the effectiveness of existing concessions and, where appropriate, recommending new concessionary approaches to the Government.

The Board has a revised timeframe to provide its final advice to Government, and will now report in the first half of 2019.

Working Group

The Board has appointed its members Dr Mark Pizzacalla and Mr Peter Quiggin, PSM to lead the work on the review. Dr Pizzacalla and Mr Quiggin will be assisted by a Reference Group comprising small business representatives, professional advisers and academics.


The Board has developed a Consultation Guide [PDF 483KB|DOCX 376KB] for its review. The Guide outlines the current suite of tax concessions applying to small business and sets out the principles for evaluating and improving the framework of tax relief. It also poses a number of questions and explains how small business owners and other stakeholders can participate in the review.

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