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Sounding Board

Ideas for better tax regulation

  • Ability to appoint multiple public officers

    Companies carrying on a business or deriving property income in Australia are required to have and must appoint a public officer for the company. Amongst other things, the appointed public officer is the only person who is entitled to sign the company tax returns. The legislation does not allow for the appointment of multiple public officers for a particular company. There should be opportunity to appoint more than one public officer or delegate for signing. This is very impractical and leaves no options for the signing of returns and other forms and correspondence with the ATO in the event the public officer is not available. The legislation should be amended to allow for multiple appointments. Alternatively, tax forms should be redesigned and ATO practice reviewed to allow for any person duly nominated by the company's public officer as a "back-up" during his or her absence to sign on his/her behalf. However, the public officer should be protected for any actions that are unlawful, improper or outside the delegated authority.

  • A PAYGI materiality threshold

    That a materiality threshold should be included in determining whether or not PAYG income tax is required to be paid quarterly so that businesses with a very low income tax liability are not required to pay quarterly installments. What should this be?

  • Increased ATO portal functionality

    There are several common reasons why a tax agent would call the tax office, if some of these reasons can be made available online it would save time for both the tax agent and ATO staff. Suggestions for portal improvements could include: The ability to see, download, and amend the annual payroll summaries and taxable payments summaries lodged by a business (and other uploadable files), ability to make payment arrangements and see active payment arrangements, ability to see the SGC account, and if possible the ability to see super payments made by a business through the super clearing house

Meetings & events

  • 9 Sep 2016 - Board of Taxation Meeting in Sydney
  • 4 Aug 2016 - Board of Taxation Meeting in Adelaide
  • 24 Jun 2016 - Board of Taxation Meeting in Sydney