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Ideas for better tax regulation

  • Phoenix Labour Companies and Employee Benefits lost or defrauded

    I submit my email chain with a potential client (whose identity I've anonymised until she's ready to be disclosed). I will suggest she send my email suggestions on how to tackle this perennial and cancerous practice to the Inspector General of Taxation as a means of setting action in train in the various quarters that might be productive. I suggest that the ATO, the IGoT, ASIC and the Federal Police and the Board of Taxation take an active interest in every one of these awful occurrences looking for both criminal and civil bases of action, always trying to get compensation for the victim employee/former employee. The email chain is in the attached 'Word' document.

  • FBT, GST and Uber travel.

    The recent Federal Court case on the GST treatment of Ubers decided to adopt a common sense definition of taxi and thus have the same GST rules apply to taxi and Uber travel. However the FBT law defines a taxi as a "motor vehicle that is licensed to operate as a taxi". It would seem therefore on a literal reading of the FBT law, that the exemption given to certain taxi related travel given to employees does not apply if your staff catch an Uber rather than taxi as Ubers aren't licensed to operate as a taxi. Seems an unintended consequence that you have to pay FBT on certain Uber travel, but no FBT when you use a taxi. The FBT law was written in 1986, some thirty years ago, and needs updating. A common definition of taxi across all tax laws seems needed.

  • New Project Contribution/ levy

    Would the board consider making recommendations to the government to introduce a voluntary tax levy (administered through the tax system) whereby the average Australian is offered an option to contribute towards a project ( could be a long term infrastructure project like high speed rail) and get a tax deduction for it. The revenue generated will go into a fund specific for that project. The average Australian will feel empowered when such projects contribute to jobs and growth in their communities. The government will then be required to consider these projects and implement them based on the tax base support for the project.

Meetings & events

  • 8 Dec 2016 - Board of Taxation Meeting in Melbourne
  • 11 Nov 2016 - Board of Taxation Meeting in Canberra
  • 11 Oct 2016 - Board of Taxation Meeting in Perth