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Review of CGT Roll-overs

Corporate Tax Transparency Code

Sounding Board

Ideas for better tax regulation

  • Anti hybrid rules: related parties in s 832-200

    The anti hybrid rules broadly apply to payments between related entities. For most mismatches, whether entities are related is worked out by reference to their participation interest in section 350 of the 1936 Act but excluding any rights to vote or participate in decision-making (section 832-205). However, such rights are not excluded for the purpose of determining participation interest (and therefore whether the parties are related) for the financial instrument mismatch (section 832-200(4)). What is the rationale for the different approach? This imposes a greater compliance burden for one particular type of mismatch.

  • Unfair Departing Australia Superannuation Tax Rate

    Tax rate of 65% should only be applied only on the period whilst foreign worker is using Work and Holiday Maker visa. It is unfair for those who stayed in Australia for years, yet they got taxed 65% for the whole time they lived in Australia just because they used Work and Holiday Maker visa for some time.

  • Superannuation Salary Sacrifice.

    Ruling needs to be made to instruct employers to forward pre tax salary sacrifice to Suoer funds in a timely manner. Employers do not have any right to hold on to thousands of dollars of my money for months when it should be in my Super fund adding to my retirement benefits. SG money can be sent each quarter. Pre tax Salary Sacrifice should be sent at the very least each month if not it should be sent to Super fund with every pay run. Not held onto for months by your employer and i assume they have it in there bank accounts or on the short term money market making money when it should be in MY Super Fund....

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