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Quality and Effectiveness of the Non-Commercial Losses Legislation – Post-Implementation Review

The Board’s report on its post-implementation review of the non-commercial losses legislation was released publicly on 27 April 2005. The Board’s recommendations and the Government’s response to the report are outlined in the Board of Taxation Media Release No 14 of 27 April 2005.

Submissions made to the Board for this review are available on this website.

Submissions received

Artists Foundation of Western Australia14KB
Arts Law Centre of Australia48KB
Arts Law Centre of Queensland41KB
Australia Council for the Arts379KB
Australia Council for the Arts — Covering Letter115KB
Australian Dance Council — Ausdance60KB
Australian Film Commission43KB
Australian Forest Growers83KB
Australian Forest Growers — Attachment 128KB
Australian Forest Growers — Attachment 219KB
Australian Society of Authors110KB
Blanckensee, Jane35KB
Dunne, Ian — Lowe Lippman, Chartered Accountants14KB
Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia134KB
Lacey, Rick and Watson, Alistair184KB
Leung, Bill — Lowenstein Sharp, Certified Practising Accountants98KB
Lowensteins Arts Management, Certified Practising Accountants64KB
Metcalf, Ronald — Metcalf Spahn, Certified Practising Accountants44KB
Music Council of Australia43KB
National Association for the Visual Arts60KB
National Association of Forest Industries18KB
National Tax and Accountants' Association18KB
O'Brien, Peter — Hogg Lawson30KB
Painters and Sculptors Association of Australia292KB
Taxation Institute of Australia258KB
Taxpayers Australia — Tasmanian Divisional Council43KB
Tucker, Brian, Certified Practising Accountant56KB

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